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Maybe It's Time to Give Up

Our culture encourages a never give up attitude. While that might be a good philosophy to live by the majority of the time, there comes a time when it makes sense to throw in the towel. No one wants to be a quitter, but quitting is actually the smartest choice in some circumstances.

When might it be the wise choice to give up?

  1. The outcome you wanted no longer appeals to you

  2. The required sacrifice is no longer worth it

  3. You've found something better

  4. The reason for your sacrifice is to please or impress others

  5. It's taking too much time or other resources from a more significant goal

  6. Your capabilities have changed

My story is that I enjoyed the work I was doing but was frustrated with policies, politics and perceptions that sapped my energy and enthusiasm for that work. I was in a well paying job that let me live a great lifestyle as well as save for retirement, but, I was miserable. My sacrifice - giving up happiness and positive mental health - was no longer worth it! Getting up everyday with dread for the workday and feeling every day at work was a fight was impacting my mental health and my relationships with others. This was not how I wanted to live!

My more significant goal was to enjoy life and have strong friend and family relationships. My job should provide me the means for independent living while meeting my two primary goals. It should also bring me satisfaction. The realization that I didn’t have to sacrifice happiness to have financial independence was an epiphany for me!

Are your sacrifices healthy? Do your mindset and most cherished relationships remain in a positive state? If you answered "no" to either of these questions, you might think about whether it's time to quit the sacrifice you are making.

Some goals become too costly – whether financially or with your health – to continue to pursue. A lifetime doesn’t last forever. There’s only so much time, money, and other resources available to pursue your goals. Your interests can also change. What was once appealing can lose its luster over time.

Maybe you’ve just found something better to spend your time on. Or, perhaps your capabilities or life situation has changed. These are all good reasons to consider quitting. There’s no shame in calling it quits when it’s the smartest option available to you.

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