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25 years' experience in Human Resources made up of specialist roles in Benefits and Training & Development and generalist roles partnering with Supervisors, Managers and Executives. Strengths include Coaching, Facilitating, Training and Team Building with expertise in Talent Development, Leadership Development, Performance Management, Employee Relations

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Develop Your Most Precious Assets

Give your current and future leaders the gift of growth & development. Inspire and retain your best contributors by ensuring they have great leadership. Whether a high potential employee or current manager with specific development needs, 1:1 leadership coaching is an investment in the individual, the group and the business.

Meditation by the Sea


Supplement Your Current HR Team

Offering expertise in Talent Management, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Employee Relations and Recruiting. I can provide expertise and insight to help you create/ change processes and policies or be that additional trainer or recruiter to help you meet short-term needs.

HR Consulting: Services
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