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Use these rules to keep the KAS Coaching & Consulting community fun, safe, helpful and inspirational.

  1. We are all in this together to create a welcoming, supportive and fun environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.

  2. We are all doing the best we can in life. Being part of the KAS Coaching & Consulting community is about bettering ourselves. Don't assume a poster's tone of voice.

  3. Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

  4. This group is an offering of KAS Coaching & Consulting LLC and is for the benefit of its members. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren't allowed and will be deleted.

  5. Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What's shared in the group should stay in the group.

  6. The KAS Coaching & Consulting community is a place to be our authentic selves, learn & develop, support one another and have fun. The group is intended to be a place you look forward to visiting and contributing.

Share any concerns you have with other community members immediately to

Code of Conduct: Welcome
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